Monday, July 09, 2007

They say you can publish documents from Google docs staright to your blog. Well if this works I guess it means you can. Thus all your bold or italics are then translated and colours too. Interesting.

In other new, it is 11 days till I and Zak head off on our adventure. I will try and keep a blog going over at We are heading off to Canmore to take a climbing course (Intro to Trad) with Leslie and then she's back to work while Zak, Doug and I head to Lake Louise for a couple of days and then off to Waterton for a couple more. After that its catch as catch can until we hit Squamish on the 31st. Doug will take th train back and then Zak and I will meet up with Leslie in Vancouver on the 4th.

Then follows 8 days of sailing on this boat before we meander our way back home via Skaha oand maybe the Ghost Wilderness.

11 days...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Beautiful Sunday

Anyone remember that song?

Hi, hi, hi beautiful Sunday
This is my, my, my beautiful day
When you say, say, say, say that you love me
Oh, my, my, my it's a beautiful day

It's been a while since I've sat down to write. Lots has been happening, too. I remain chair of my program and have a mentor for my "practicum" year of leadership training. And now I must get busy writing my candidacy proposal, with the aim of taking my candidacy exam by Winter Solstice. A little faster than I had expected to do things, but probably in the realm of the possible. Tomorrow I begin a course on the work of Paulo Freire — lots of reading on the horizon!

To that end, here's a quotation from Gadamer:

To participate with the other and to be part of the other is the most and the best that we can strive for and accomplish ... We may perhaps survive as humanity if we would be able to learn that we may not simply exploit our means of power and effective possibilities, but we must stop and respect the other, whether it is nature or the grown culture of people and nations.

And further:

We live in separate realities, but we live with each other.

And from Freire himself:

I have the right to be angry and to express that anger, to hold it as my motivation to fight, just as I have the right to love and to express my love for the world, to hold it as my motivation to fight, because while a historical being, I live history as a time of possibility, not of predetermination. If reality were what it is because it was written so, there would be no reason to be angry.

Must fly — really must clean my office, and other stuff, before the house gets too warm. I hope to talk with you soon!