Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Arose by another name

Yeah yeah yeah. I know.


But I just read a thing in an email from a few weeks ago, in which I discovered all some of my secret names. And you can play too!

Here's my list.

Superhero name: Black Book
Soap opera name: Anne Veterans
Goth name: Black Emily
Rapper name: Lil Cookie

I know, right?

Here's the formula.

Your superhero name is the colour of your shirt plus the item to your right.
Your soap opera name is your middle name and the street you live on.
Your goth name is "Black" plus the name of one of your pets.
Your rapper name is "Lil" plus the last thing you ate.

Oh, the lulz.

Bonus for Earl: your Star Trek name: the first three letters of your last name, first two of your middle name, and the last two letters of your first name. (Oooh, that's an awesome name, Earl!)

Back to skulking ...


Earl J. Woods said...

Let's see...

Black Pen (and it happens to be a black pen)
James 17715 (cool, my soap opera character is a clone)
Black Nothing (I've never had a pet...)
Lil Scallop

Star Trek name: Odsjarl. Some kind of humanoid alien, I think. Probably a bit eccentric and annoying, but has one essential skill that makes him useful. Definitely a DS9 character.

Leslie's Star Trek name: Veranie. Sounds like the kind of femme fatale Kirk ran into from time to time. Either that or an alien diplomat during the TNG era. Bonus: easier to say than "Odsjarl!"

Leslie said...

I think Odsjarl could be a good Viking name, too!

Earl J. Woods said...

My next Dungeons & Dragons character: Odsjarl, Viking berzerker.