Saturday, March 07, 2020

Like forty years ago

Hello again,

Still procrastinating. Here's a photo from the very late 1970s, taken in my grandmother's kitchen in St. Albert.

I honestly wonder whether photos from the 1960s and 1970s (and later, I suppose) degrade with age. Or is it simply that my parents were truly terrible photo-takers? This photo lived on my mother's bulletin board in her kitchen for years.

Photographs are taking on an increasingly important place in my life as my memories became fainter and are overwritten by memories of memories and conversations about memories. In this image I can refresh my sense of that house, that era — details that feel scarce after so much time.

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Earl J. Woods said...

Prints and negatives will definitely fade over time, especially if stored improperly. I have slides from the 1960s and 1970s that are as crisp and clear as any high-resolution digital photo taken today, and others that are badly degraded. I'm not an expert, but film stock is also important; some stocks hold their colour very well over time, while others fade. I have several old slides that have turned pink because they'd lost the other colours in the spectrum.