Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outraged, again

According to an article in this morning's Edmonton Journal, Helena Guergis' abrupt dismissal from the federal cabinet and Conservative Party of Canada last year was "an employee–employer relationship" issue.

Strange, that. This is Canada, where MPs serve not at the pleasure of the prime minister but at the will of the Canadian public.

Perhaps the prime minister in question forgot that point.

According to the article, Guergis' error was that "she didn't come clean with her employer," according to the private detective who made the allegations against Guergis.

There was no reason I would have voted for the CPC anyway, but this item adds to the mountain of evidence condemning the Harper government as secretive, petty, and autocratic.

An MP is accountable to the people of her constituency. The people employ her — or fire her. The prime minister's heavy-handed tactics in this matter, based on vague and still-unproved allegations, compromised Canadian democracy.

But then that's hardly unusual for this administration, is it?

It's been a bad week, Mr Harper. I hope the next two are even worse.

Looking forward to the day Harper is no longer in power,

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Politics: No thinking allowed

So CBC reports that Stephen Harper is pledging to eliminate the deficit a year earlier than planned: here

How? Magic!

Seriously, if he could eliminate the deficit a year earlier than planned — a deficit HIS government created and a debt-elimination timetable that HIS budget introduced — then why didn't HIS government do so this year?

Makes me wonder. But then I read this.

Oh. That's the magic. Huh.


Monday, April 04, 2011

What my FB status should be...

... is "so tired of the bullsh*t". Hrmph.