Sunday, June 08, 2003

Write write write. Procrastinate procrastinate procrastinate. It's a blotto cycle but someone's gotta do it. Depending on the font and spacing, my paper is either 26 or 50 pages of paragraphs and notes. Well, that's certainly respectable. Of course, the proving draft is due in eight days and I'm going to Ottawa in five so the math's a little awkward, but I'm sure everything will turn out properly. And if not, then I've spent four years making great charitable contributions to the U of A's well-being. No no: when it's done I'm going to post the title and thesis on the blog so we can ALL share the excitement...

My father is working too much for a working man, never mind a semi-retired grandfather. And people say I have a work addiction! At least I can see where it (and my other nasty little vices) came from.

Today I like: Cranberry juice. The rhetorical schemes: I finally learned them! French Kiss (one of my favourite movies ever and yes I know romantic comedies are aesthetically unevolved, thank you). Sundae Smarties. A smile, always a smile. Exile. Unpredictable magpies. Sun rising through mist.

Today I dislike: Waiting. Waiting. Waiting. Stupid Alberta Learning website. Dirty dishes. Piles of laundry. Procrastinating. Paranoia (it'll destroy ya!). Rampant consumerism (ho ho).

Welcome: grace. Patience: courage. Perseverance: serendipity. Beauty: knowing. So may it ever be.

Must fly — really!

laV (which the spelling checker on Word wants to correct to "lava" — hmm)

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