Saturday, October 08, 2005

Taking climbing for granite

Ouch. Very sore. Last night was the first in the fall Rip and Grip series at VIRG. B and Zak did very well, but I'll leave it to them to talk about that. I myself flashed the first five problems and solved the next two on my second try. I didn't solve problems 8 and 9, but I did try them both five or six times, and after that I was pretty tired, so I just watched the other boulderers. I got my best score ever, though, so I guess all that practice is actually working!

The big entertainment at the Rip and Grip (apart from the event itself, which is incredible fun) comes between the time limit and the announcement of the winners. For about half an hour, some of the top boulderers in the gym play, while the rest of us watch and cheer. If you haven't seen something like this, it's hard to imagine. The boulderers agree to a nearly impossible series of dynos, and then try to get through them. The simultaneous grace and athleticism is astonishing — it is as beautiful as dance and as awesome as lightning. Particularly inspiring is watching them line up to try again and again; some of the guys tried last night's ultimately invicible problem more than a dozen times, most of them having bouldered in the competition for two and a half hours — exhausting! My favourite boulderer is a young guy named Jesse. He is the best boulderer I have ever seen — amazing arms and brilliant technique — but he also has the most encouraging personality. He cheers on every other boulderer with enthusiasm and sincerity. He demonstrates the best of this sport in every way; I have learned a lot from his example.

But that's it for climbing this weekend. Between the holiday, various work commitments, and the gym closure on Monday, there simply isn't time to get back — and I doubt our bodies could survive further punishment anyway. Ow ow ow ow ow.

And anyway, I have cookies to bake for Thanksgiving.

Today's tarot: the lovers — judgement — justice. Hmm. Methinks me better watch out!

Now reading: Literary Theory: An Introduction by Terry Eagleton (again); Villa Incognito by Tom Robbins; Pure by Karen Krossing; and millions and millions of words' worth of homework...

A girl with guns,

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