Sunday, December 11, 2005

Endurance Marching

Hello hello,

It's the grim time of year now, during which my only strategy is to keep moving forward and refuse to rest. If I sit down, I might not get up again. This year's unusually bad because all my exams have been concentrated at the beginning of the week. Fortunately, though, I have stayed on track with most of my marking, so only one course is looking actually threatening. All my grades should be handed in by next Monday and I will have nothing — nothing! — to worry about for three whole weeks.

In the meantime, I had another review published. Read it here. I also prepared a peer review for Children's Literature in Education earlier in the fall and a reader's report for Oxford University Press in the summer — all good for the CV: only four months until my ASAC!

Anyway, enough of all that. Back to the grind... I'll post again when I emerge.


Today's thought: Modern English is the Wal-Mart of languages: convenient, huge, hard to avoid, superficially friendly, and devouring all rivals in its eagerness to expand. — Mark Abley, journalist

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