Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Welcome to Alberta's century!"

This morning I am ashamed to be an Albertan. In the spirit of change, we have elected 72 of 83 Tory MLAs.

Here is the breakdown, pending any recounts, with percentage of popular vote in parentheses:

PC: 72 (52.67%)
LIB: 9 (26.36%)
NDP: 2 (8.53%)
WAP: 0 (6.76%)
GRN: 0 (4.58%)
OTH: 0 (1.1%).

Only 41 percent of eligible Alberta voters bothered to go to the polls.

To friends who ran, congratulations on your efforts to try to change the political landscape for the better. I admire your conviction and dedication.

As for me, I'm hanging my head. Why don't we just save the money and do away with elections in this province? Who needs democracy when you're rich, after all? I am so, so disappointed in Alberta.

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