Friday, January 16, 2015

Why ads in bathrooms are a bad idea

At my workplace, ads are posted on the inside of the stall doors in the women's washrooms. (Maybe in the men's rooms, too; I wouldn't know.)

Let's say an editor had bodily functions. Let's say that editor went into a women's washroom. The picture below is what she might see if she were in a stall.

Let's just say she'd be in the right place to deal with her probable response. (Thanks for that line, C!)

What surprises me most is the advertiser. I would think such a major financial institution would have the resources to hire a proofreader.

Or maybe there's a new way to spell roommate, and I just haven't learned.

Anyway. Editors: beware bathrooms.

And oh yes: that reflection you can see is mine. But it certainly doesn't mean I was functioning bodily with my phone out. And ew!

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