Monday, February 02, 2015

These things I've done

Happy February! Here's hoping there will be only six more weeks of winter — and not the more usual eight or ten.

For today's post I've chosen a selection of photographs of things I've done.

1. Walked through downtown St Gallen (outside of Zurich, Switzerland): This picture was taken in November 2010. I love this bear; for a while, this bear was my Facebook avatar. I'd go back to Switzerland for the chocolate, the scenery, the history...

 2. Made a street mural: This is a view of the chalk whale we drew on our street with chalk; we did this in September 2011. We were going to make a dragon the following year, but the traffic grew too heavy to do it safely, even on a Saturday evening (maybe especially on a Saturday evening). Still, I think everyone in Edmonton should make a chalk street mural at least once. Up with public art!

3. Looked at Christmas lights in Highlands: This street is a destination for me, and people can see these tall treetops from blocks away. I have a picture of the trees and the lights closer to the house, but I like this streetscape from December 2011.

4. Found my cat on top of the cupboards: This is Artemis in the kitchen, April 2012. I can't think why she wanted to be on top of the cupboards, but here she is. Haven't caught her there lately.

5. Found my cat shredding paper: Who needs a paper shredder when you have an Artemis? She's organic and fully rechargeable, if somewhat random in her operation. This image is from July 2012, while my office was still in the front room but after the piano arrived.

6. Graduated from University: This is the view from the very front of the Jubilee Auditorium shortly before the beginning of the Fall Convocation in November 2012. A couple of hours later I crossed this stage and received my doctoral parchment.

7. Attended a dear friend's wedding: This is Gigi and Ryan's receiving line at their wedding in July 2013. It was an overcast day but a warm and beautiful ceremony, formally joining two wonderful people. Funny that our paths (that is, Gigi's and mine) should cross again so many years after I left the Forestry Association — but I'm so glad they did!

8. Helped make donuts: After years of our dreaming and scheming, in March 2014 C got the recipe for donuts from her mother. We procured a deep frying pan and pounds and pounds and pounds of lard. These donuts were very good, but so filling! Zak took the leftovers home and fed them to some candy kids, who could probably use all that fat and sugar.


9. Taken the ferry to Sointula: I love Malcolm Island! This picture of the ferry dock does not do justice to the charming socialist paradise that is Sointula. On the opposite side of the island is a pebble beach where orcas frequently rub — but regrettably they weren't there when I was there in June 2014. Next time!

Well, I've done a few others things, too, but these are some that I've enjoyed. Wonder what 2015 holds for me ...

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