Thursday, June 04, 2015

In step with the meme

Happy Thursday! Your correspondent is busily writing and editing and having long lunches with friends, and therefore missed posting yesterday. Oops.

To make up for my bad ways, I offer you a Throwback Thursday photo bonanza!

1. My dad as an infant. Props to my grandmother for this.

2. My family, summer 1982, at the Strathcona Science Park in east Edmonton. Courtesy of my Kodak 110.

3. C'est moi, spring 1983, in an alley in Belvedere.

4. Dad and me, Sherwood Park, August 1986.

OK, that was a long throw back! Now my arm is tired. Ta!


Earl J. Woods said...

I, too, have a photograph of my family at the Strathcona Science Park shot with my Kodak 110...from the summer of 1982. The world is larger and smaller than anyone knows.

Leslie said...

Earl, that's uncanny. We must have crossed paths many times before we formally met. Larger and smaller, indeed.