Thursday, January 14, 2016

That was almost twenty years ago

Today's Thursday throwback comes from May 1997. This is the hair and makeup I wore to Nicole and Jim's wedding, thanks to an early-morning appointment at the salon. (Nicole subsequently divorced the stylist because she was unhappy with the wedding party's hair and makeup. So ...)

So many random details associated with this picture, which was taken in Nik's parents' house. For instance, I know Zak was in the limousine Nicole and Jim rented for the wedding, but I no longer recall at what point. And I really really miss the shirt I'm wearing in this shot — it's not mine, of course, but all my favourite shirts started out belonging to someone else. (I have, however, given up wearing the Bow Slope jacket: I take my professorship seriously, obviously.) Oh, and the art I'm standing in front of is by a semi-famous artist whose art is in the National Gallery. If this photograph were to be discovered in a few centuries, I suspect people will know more of the artist than of me — and I'm really good with that!

Phew! Got this throwback in under the wire. Thank goodness for the Pacific time zone!

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