Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Two readings

Welcome to 2016! Here's my first exploration of the year ahead.

Significator: Queen of Cups
Environment: 5 Cups: disappointment, loss
Obstacles: 7 Swords: quarrelling, futility
Resources: Page Swords: direct observation, authority
Past: 3 Swords: sorrow
Best outcome: King Wands: loving, open-heartedness
What is coming: Queen Wands: honour, determination
Self and attitude: Page Pentacles: scholarship, reflection
Influences: 2 Cups: love
Hopes and fears: 7 Pentacles: work or business
Outcome: 8 Cups: walking away, stepping back, change

Significator: King of Wands
Environment: Queen Swords: Sadness, absence, separation
Obstacles: 3 Cups: plenty, happiness
Resources: 7 Wands: valour, combat, success
Past: 6 Wands: triumph, announcement, realization
Best outcome: Knight Wands: departure, change
What is coming: 6 Pentacles: money, prosperity
Self and attitude: Page Cups: a studious youth, communication
Influences: Ace Wands: creation, enterprise
Hopes and fears: Knight Swords: bravery, confrontation
Outcome: 2 Cups: love

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