Sunday, September 14, 2008

Test Two

Simultaneous posts to two blogs with pic:

Zak in a kimono whilst in Japan

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Testing Technology Takes Time

So here is a new tool to blog with. I am using BlogPress on my Touch to post here and Let's see what happens when I add a pic..

L and C getting literary in Paris

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Thought for the Day

"All slang is metaphor, and all metaphor is poetry." — G.K. Chesterton

It's a gorgeous September Sunday and there are still raspberries in the garden.

Lots of work to do — I'd better get at it.


...later that same day...

Done most of what I'd hoped to accomplish today, although never everything. Tried to post the outline to my online course, resulting in this kind of experience.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy New Year

For so long my life has been organized around the academic calendar that Labour Day has come to represent the real new year to me. This is the weekend I make my resolutions for better behaviour, change, improvement, etc. (Already several of my resolutions/changes have been tossed aside, but that's another story.) Wonderfully, this year Labour Day has fallen on September 1, creating a rather polished beginning to the school year ahead.

I did some necessary work at the office yesterday and finished some more earlier today. Another student has been launched as a graduate — hooray! Another is starting her second workplace term, while a few others are just beginning workplace study officially today. And I moved offices over the weekend, too. Can't wait to see what response that elicits tomorrow.

I am teaching second-year grammar again this year — yay! — and my print culture history class is running too. Unfortunately, I may also be teaching a third course, research skills. I was supposed to have course release this term, but it looks like my release is going to be snatched away. But the class doesn't start for another week, so if I can find someone else to teach it before September 8 I'll get to keep my release time and my scheduled Mondays off. I remain hopeful (although there's no reason on record that I should).

Am listening to good music this weekend, thanks to kind friends. Am reading good books, too. Now if only I were doing some good writing. Sigh.

Enjoyed a handful of late raspberries this morning, and may enjoy more over the next few days if we avoid a frost. There are also hundreds and hundreds of apples in the garden — if you want some apples, please let me know!

Oh, and since no-one else has said it, France was amazing and fantastic and marvellous — and I'd love to go back right now. Squamish was also super, especially climbing Dierdre. Wow!

I hope the new year treats you well. Cheers!