Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thoughts about Midway

I know it's not quite midway through the year yet (and it's been a while since I've posted here), but it's midway through mine, alors...

In less than two weeks my sabbatical term comes to an end. It's been productive time. Most importantly, I've rediscovered parts of myself I've subdued for a long time. Still don't know what kind of academic I want to be, or whether I want to remain an academic at all. But I've found the joy of writing again, and that's been beneficial in many ways.

My first real book (that is, not a thesis or dissertation or something written as part of a job) will be published later this year, and another book is partly written. My first paid reviews have been published, and I've been invited to submit two more. And my first magazine article in a decade is poised to be published in July. I've enjoyed the writing and submitting while also, like any writer, being terrified of rejection. As an editor, I fear growing complacent about my own sense of what's "right," so being edited by and learning from other editors has been amazingly valuable. I'm grateful for these chances.

Living in Victoria was wonderful. Living on our boat has been wonderful, too. Actually doing something that many people dream of doing has been a gift. I've learned so much — mostly that I don't want to be a rat — and hope I can recall what I've learned once I've stepped back into the race. Again, I'm grateful this year worked, even though some costs (and I don't mean economic) were high.

Meanwhile, on the quantifiable side ...

LibraryThing: 4340 books catalogued
iTunes: approx 14,500 tracks (the counting system is imperfect)
Books read to date: 75 (quite unlikely to hit 200 this year)

In short, although it's raining this morning in Nanaimo, the sun is with us. Here's to the light!