Tuesday, April 29, 2003



Calendars may turn, but your heart is always young. We love you!

Leslie and Zak

xxx ooo xxx

Monday, April 28, 2003

Long resounding silence ...

: )


How about this?

Jesus saves!

But Gretzky grabs the rebound ... he shoots ... he scores!

Hmm. Now I'm wondering about my little fixation with goalies. And men who look like Jesus.


Wasting time,
the indubitable

PS: Buh-roo-sss-huh! How do you make the text bah-loo-uh?

Saturday, April 26, 2003

I work here!

Well today is the first day of gardening season and it looks like snow. I froze my fingers buying mulch 'n stuff and then burned them making pork roast. I suspect chefs must have callouses on thier fingertips to prevent constant scalding...

"Constant scalding,
oo-ooh..." It'd make a smokin' song. Oops, bet I'm in hot water now... These puns are like a plague of boils... Wow, my sense of humour is REALLY on fire! All those pun-haters must really be steamin'... It must burn their butts to have to endure this...

Ack...ghrrgh...uh...erg, ack, ack, Ack...ACK!
Phew! Glad I got that out of my system. I thought it was going to b_ _l over!

Back to gardening. I only spent $XXX today, I was so proud. Talked to Val yesterday and she was steaming becasue this year the porcupine turned its nose up at her raspberries and took on the plum trees. 5 (or so) trees totally ringed. Most likely they'll all die. My irises are blooming and eveything else is looking good. I'll try to lay down ladscape cloth tomorrow and then I'll order gravel for the paths. Soon my garden will be done and then I can rest. (yeah..right...)

ciao for now...


P.S. Les:luv ya!

Friday, April 25, 2003

Friday evening. What you don't know about your close friends may astound you. Such a depth of courage: a well of belief without resort to received faith — these are people I admire so much.

I believe love is a fickle thing. So you love me now. Do you still now? What about now? And who is that me anyway? As Bruce wittily pointed out the other night, that me is an impossible construct: You are my direct object. (Copular pattern two: subject — linking verb — predicate noun.) And what about now?

Why did my guinea pigs always die? Why don't my PROW 116 students know what maleficence means? Why isn't war over even though I want it? Where do the rivers meet the sounding sea? Will you accomp'ny me?

Today I like: Black.

Today I dislike: Hope.

Am I procrastinating?

someone like L

PS: Hi Kate!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Just a quick one tonight. Lots to do. I tested my thesis that all the marking I have to do, if put in one stack (of binders and assignment cases), would be taller than I am. It is. Suddenly I feel very very small.

Today I like: Wasabi peas. Laughing. A black boa. White Zin while marking. Dimetapp.

Today I dislike: Parking tickets. Funerals. Guns guns guns (always always always).

Yes I know those colons are technically wrong. I defend them on the grounds of style. And besides, I'm a professional grammarian. I can make NEW rules if I so choose! So there.

And the I-tunes says ... No power, no reason, no purpose that stands before me will shake my attention or focus from this one belief. Hmm, sounds like a good thought. And with that, back to the books. More soon.

PS: Have you ever listened, I mean really LISTENED, to the song "Keep on Tryin'" (Poco)? Floating away on harmonies...

Monday, April 21, 2003

Now is the winter of my discontent made glorious summer by this... well... by this, you know...this... this... this...uh.. well...

spring, I guess...sigh...


I should send this address to more people; then they could be bored too. Communication is often two way, although you couldn't prove that most of the time. Oddly enough the people you think communcation would be easy with create transfer which is generally a pretty illusion made out of tissue paper and ectoplasm...blech.

Two way
2 ways
too way
Out of the way
I'll find a way

What the hell is whey anyway; Say Hey--nonny nonny..boy that shakeSpear sure knew what he was talking about.Once more unto the knife, handle turned towards my hand. You know, primroses are fairly delicate and you just can't walk on them. So if you were to venture down a primrose path you'd pretty much destroy them. I say..."Don't crush flowers!" Its bad! (Whose?)

Well as I am making less sense than a turtle in a Ferrari, I guess I'll go...

ciao for now

Bruce Timothy Patrick Keith, B.A Hon, Son of Gordon, Property Owner and Taxpayer, Father, Partner, Gardener, Part-time Clutz and soon to be very, very very OLD

Thursday, April 17, 2003


"MS is the most common disease of the central nervous system in young adults in Canada; children as young as 6 years have been diagnosed with MS. Its cause unfound, its course unpredictable; and its cure, unknown." Compelling? No. Fodder for a grammar exam? Yes!

Sponsor me! Yes yes, it's once agan that time of year when I must run around like mad collecting pledges so I can continue to expand my collection of SuperCities Walk t-shirts. Not that I myself am expanding, except in some people's minds. Oh my, somatic imperialism. Good old corporeal colonialist me. Maybe reality = subjective. Maybe I just think heavy thoughts. Or maybe, as my ex-husband used to quote, "You're pushing maximum density there, dear." But all can be put right again.

"i'll be bonnie and you be clyde -- see if we can get ourselves killed before we die"

Could we? I can think of too many ways.

"we gotta ride this road into paradise"

Today I like: Cinnamon gum. My PROW 102 (497) class. Black shoes. Black eye-liner. The lone wolf. Raspberries. Red tulips. Two red lips. Kissing.

Today I dislike: That weird tendony spot at the top of my right inner thigh. (How's that for personal? Hope you're not reading this, Earl.) Bananas. Voice mail. My grandfather. Numb thumb and forefinger. Textureless bran muffins. Tommy Salo too deep in net. Line-ups. The smell of freshly changed oil. Empty empty empty mailbox!!!

She am weird this evening always. Sometimes I crave a sister. Quoting blithely. Precociousness the title of a work in progress. Ides, ides. Don't talk about elision: it's scary. And remember always that this is us. "Colorless green ideas sleep furiously."

"won't you lay me down in the tall grass?"

It's deep structure, maybe. But then I'm just second-hand news.

"they say the sun is sometimes eclipsed by a moon"

Writing about the panderer. This is gonna hurt real bad.

"i will never let you know where my mind has been"

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Me again. Sorry about the last one -- if I frightened you, my apologies all around. I thought I was in a *good* mood!

Found a blog I like to read. Such a strange phenomenon, blogging.

Today I like: Sour cream and onion chips. Ready-made lectures. Positive reviews. My two new skirts (ooh, the size makes my head swirl!). Nostrils full of fresh spring. The lovely surprises of the universe (oh, you know who you are -- don't be shy!).

Today I don't like: Composers. Too many questions (yes, today and everyday). Abjection (I don't *like* it; I didn't say I don't indulge in it). Headaches.

So there.

Must go mark something. Blogging is a good evasion tactic. I am, after all, a professional procrastinator -- don't try this at home, kids.

the infamous, the unseen: la vie en rose

Thursday, April 03, 2003

I had the incredibly weird experience of giving away more than $130,000 today. Of course it wasn't my own money, but still! The atmosphere was freaky as we calmly and ordinarily told one another how various artists would achieve their goals. I'm thinking there's a big karmic cost for all of this.

The memorial was on Monday. It was heart-breakingly sad, for so many many reasons. We can only hope that all the rest around us stay strong and well. We must cling together, now and always.

No sleep. Average night: three hours. Too much bloody marking. Can't keep those kids satisfied. I'm ready to give up with my 200s. They're determined they won't learn the material. The book is complex, but not THAT complex. The lectures are MUCH simpler than the textbook. And still they complain. Oh well. Two sets of papers to return this weekend, plus marking for my 102s. Yikes. I'm really not grown up enough for this job some days, no matter how much I love it.

And I still do.

Haven't read a book in so long. Haven't seen a movie in ... months? -- since The Two Towers. Some Saturdays I watch hockey, on the telly or live -- always fun. *&%$#@ grammar! I'm so tired of writing correctly all the time. Didn't I used to be an interesting writer once? Can't even remember now.

And yes, I know I'm a failer (and a failure, incidentally) with my MEd. That's all we need to say about it. Say no more.

More snow. I want to plant galanthus and colchicum and eranthis and maybe some daffs. Also lots of pretty plants like violas and lilies of the valley. No more lawn in the front yard. And a big garden. Asparagus in the spring. Some potatoes because we like them new.

A blog for poetry, for the novel pounding its fists on my cerebral cortex, for something interesting to say. I guess I'll have to figure out what that might be.

Sorry to be so blah today. The sky reminds me of a wool work sock that went through the dryer. But Valerie sent some blueberries and Kate sent some cookies, so most things are still lovely. Just have to turn my head the right way to see them.