Wednesday, January 28, 2015

"You Didn't Write a Blog Today..."

... observed B, by way of normal human interaction.

Argh. Commitment. Expectations. Deadlines. Procrastination. Delivery. I'm better with starting than with finishing.

How about this? I'm stupid and my mother dresses me funny, and I have the pictures to prove it.


OK. I wasn't going to do this so soon, but I have nothing good to write today.

#1: Carillon Tower: That's my mother's handwriting on the photo. This is the Deeds Carillon in Carillon Historical Park in Dayton, Ohio, where I lived for a few months while my father went to cash register college. I have many happy memories of Dayton, in particular NCR Old River Park, which we used to visit regularly. (No photos of that, however, although it's connected to Carillon Park in some manner.) I don't remember seeing this tower, but I must have; I do know that the word carillon immediately makes me think of my mother.

#2: Kitchen, December 1981: This picture was taken in my parents' old house; the event is my birthday. My father is in the foreground, my mother is wearing the headphones (which were my birthday present), and the older people are my maternal grandparents. I am the photographer; I took this picture with my tiny Kodak C-110 camera (also a birthday gift, but from an earlier birthday). In case it's not obvious, my mother loves yellow. I think B dies a little every time I buy something yellow and homey (or homely: your mileage may vary).

#3: Backyard, Summer 1985. I also took this picture, using the same tiny Kodak camera. While ostensibly this is the backyard of my parents' house in Kilkenny, it is also the site of my Biology 20 ecology experiment (I did that course by correspondence, along with math and psych and French and...). This picture shows only a portion of the yard: there's another garden, including a pair of apple trees, beyond the right-hand edge of the photo. I love so many details of this picture. Most importantly, it's one of those long summer nights that I live for. The ill-fated boat in the foreground is the Tarantara; the last time I saw it, it was filled with rocks. My father is on the roof of the house, roofing. I've seen a lot of the city from the roof of someone's house (including that one).

Et voilĂ . Now, off to prep for tomorrow's teaching and figure out how to fend off an imminent pizza party in my classroom.


Earl J. Woods said...

I, too, had a Kodak C-110 camera, also a birthday present. Those tiny negatives were a real hassle to scan, let me tell you.

Leslie said...

I don't have the negatives — they were lost long, long ago. I love the discolouration in some of the prints, though — so Instagram-y!

That said, it seems like we had the same childhood, Earl!