Monday, July 12, 2021

Friday, July 02, 2021

On reflection

 Hello, and welcome to the second half of the year. 

Yesterday was July 1, and for us it was a quiet day. For sundry reasons, we stayed close to home and did not partake in the celebrations. Better all around to leave space for others, I felt — although we did go to a local park and watch kids run around, and that was fun and restorative. But indicators suggest that the weeks ahead may not be at all calm. I do hope that metaphorically (and literally) cooler heads prevail.

Meanwhile, stats! As of June 30 at midnight, about 3,300 tracks in my iTunes library were unplayed, out of roughly 19,100. That's a feat I have never accomplished before.

Also, since it's the things you count that count, last weekend I downloaded a cycling app that tracks my trips' distance, duration, elevation change, and more. Stats galore! Now I just need weather cool enough to use my bike again.

Wishing you peace!