Monday, January 26, 2015


One last page of images, and then I'll get back to writing. Or at least, I'll get back to my usual anonymity.

This one is from May 1987 at Nicole's high school grad; the location is the Jubilee Auditorium. I gave her the Ziggy doll; Nicole was happy to be leaving high school. I still miss the 80s, if not high school.

This one is from May 1987, too. I was in a dance competition; this picture is me rehearsing at home, a couple of hours before the performance. For me, the most interesting part of this picture is the background. Weirdly, in one of the frames in the background is a picture of me rehearsing the same routine a few months earlier — but with blonde-blonde hair.

This picture was taken in my parents' house in September 1990. Clearly I'm looking for a good movie to watch.

Yes, I'm in this image. This is at the Alberta Forestry Service Training Centre in Hinton. I took training and led a session on giving presentations to elementary students. How far I've come since then — or maybe not so far at all!

This picture is from Christmas 1995, upstairs in my in-laws' house in Brooks. Looks like I hadn't given up spiral perms quite yet...

This picture is from September 1996. On the day this picture was taken, Earl became the official Executive Director of the Western Board of Music and I solidified my position as a project editor at the U of A Press. Sadly, the house we're standing in front of no longer stands there: it was removed, with its neighbours, a few months ago to make space for new construction on the U of A campus. So long, 11044 - 90 Avenue!

Heh. This is my favourite kind of picture of me. This was taken in summer 2008, near Squamish. I had no idea I would find a jet-ski so much fun!

And thus ends the visual blogging. At least for now...

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Earl J. Woods said...

Films on VHS, panned and scanned no doubt, watched on a 4:3 480i television. The horror!

Also - I have the same Grad '87 Ziggy that Nicole is holding. It's in the library somewhere. Freaky.