Saturday, January 24, 2015


En vacanes, sorta. Here's a set of pics with a common theme.

This one is part of a set from my grandmother's photo box; it's probably the least blurry of the group. It shows several important things: my hair has always been multicoloured and I have always thought something else was more interesting than having my picture taken. And I was probably talking.

This one is also from my grandmother's photo box. On the back, my grandmother wrote that I was watering the plants in Toni's backyard. I remember the yard fondly, particularly the willows in the background (we had the same willows growing along the side of my parents' house) and the patio lanterns at the left side of the image. And those lawn chairs.

Apparently this picture was taken in 1976. I assume it was Halloween. The dress was my mother's. (She's very short, and the styles were too!)

This picture was taken in the summer of 1982. That's my brother in the background and the fireplace in the right-hand foreground.
This one was also taken in 1982—obviously at Halloween. My brother is Garfield; I made the ears for his costume. On the back of the photo, my mother describes my costume as "Spook." It is actually a Gene Simmons-style mask, a black wig, and another of my mother's dresses—plus some of her jewellery.
Greetings from Vancouver, where it's rainy and mild. Bonne journeƩ!

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