Sunday, March 08, 2015

Delhi, Not Dele

On his blog, B used to post pictures of performing-arts events we'd attend. He's fallen out of the habit (and of course we aren't seeing as many events as we once did), so I am taking up the challenge. Wish I'd thought of this at Big Sugar last week.

Last night Akemi and I saw Delhi 2 Dublin at the Arden Theatre. Though you get no idea whatsoever from this intermission picture, it was an incredibly high-energy show: so much fun! Even I was out of my seat. (I know!)

In the second half, the band gave away a single to those of us with mobile phones. Catchy! And even more impressively, the music got most of the Arden audience to its feet and dancing — you know that's no mean feat.

Delhi 2 Dublin was an infectiously exciting live show. I'd definitely see them again. Thanks again, Akemi, for a great time!

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