Friday, March 13, 2015

Missed again!

This week has been unusually hectic and I feel like I've been a few minutes late for everything. (Haven't really been, but perception —like context — is all.)

Maintaining the trend, here's something that actually is late: my Throwback Thursday pic. Quite a throw, this one.

This photo was taken at the Western Board Conference in September 1993. I'm sitting with the Treasurer, Pat. I have no idea who took the picture, but it was likely one of the other board members. This conference is only time I've been in Winnipeg, and though I stood on the corner of Portage and Main, I saw almost nothing else of the city.

(If you're into trivia, the dress I'm wearing was also my grad-banquet dress from 1986. A gorgeous three-quarter-length wool crepe with deep lace insets in the skirt. I loved that dress!)

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