Saturday, January 09, 2016

Boys to men

I've spent several hours digitizing photographs over the last few days. Lovely to see some of these pictures again — it's been years! Here are a few with a common theme.

1. One of my favourite pictures of Zak as a toddler. So cute! (IMHO, of course.)

2. B, Brian, and Doug on the day we moved into the Bonnie Doon house. What have they been up to in the basement? Hmm.

3. B, Mitch, Brian, and Brian on the day of Mitch and June's church wedding. (They were married in a civil service in the US a week or so before the wedding in Brooks.) How the decades fly!

4. B and Ken at our "grown-up" dinner at La Ronde. Regrettably, that dinner ruined La Ronde for us; and sadly, Ken is gone. But I still giggle ironically at memories from that night.

Now I have hundreds of scanned images to review, so you can anticipate more photo-based blogging for the next little while. And we're back to the coast again soon, so more "living the dream" posts, too. Ta!

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