Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winding river of memory

Well, we're back on the coast, and as promised, here's another photo post.

1. Me and the 'rents: I was surprised to find a picture of me in my twenties with my parents. My parents are not photo-taking people, and my mother usually actively avoids being caught in the camera's eye. This picture was taken on Long Beach, near Tofino, on the trip that produced our personal "trees and rocks, trees and rocks" meme.

2. Me on vacation: After the camping trip near Whitecourt, during which I illegally picked raspberries in a provincial park and earned the eternal vigilance of bears, I picked and then copped to picking these raspberries in a national park. Y'know, to up the ante.

3. Me at work: This picture was taken by Earl in my office at WBM in August 1995. (Nice string of prep phrases, eh?) Little has changed in my office habits, except that I'm perhaps even better at making piles. Note the photo of Zak taped to my monitor.

Thanks to Earl for inspiring today's post with his recent Polaroids post. Where better to hide from the present than in a box of old photographs?

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