Saturday, April 03, 2021

Quarter time


Earlier this week we arrived at the end of the first quarter of the year. Time, now so meaningless, seems to be at once accelerated and elongated. Strange days indeed.

Still, some things are normal-ish, including my somewhat obsessive record keeping. And so I am here to report that by the end of March I had played through about 10,700 songs out of about 18,300. Remember too that about 1,300 of the unplayed songs are holiday music for the other end of the calendar. So once again I will acknowledge that at least the pandemic is good for something: encouraging me to listen broadly to my collected resource of digital music.

Not much else to report. March came in like a lamb, left like a blizzard — not exactly a lion, though — and has turned into a dry and windy April. Hoping for rain soon. 

I wish peace and good will to all, no matter what you're celebrating this week — or even if you're not celebrating at all. Cheers.

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