Sunday, May 30, 2021

Happy to see you again

 Hello all,

After a very difficult week, I had the chance to go for a long bike ride this morning and took this photo of the QE2 planetarium:


My first visit to the planetarium was on my birthday in 1974. It was a kindergarten field trip. I remember only flashes of the day now, but the planetarium seemed a magical place when I was five. 

The City of Edmonton has undertaken extensive renovations to the site and people should be able to visit again — after decades of the building being closed to the public, as far as I know — once the pandemic ends. I will plan to visit, for auld lang syne if no other reason.

I suppose, while I'm at it, I should post this picture from a couple of weeks ago:


Another Edmonton landmark at another of my favourite places (Borden Park), although this artwork was installed only recently. This was my first chance to see it in person.

Grateful for my bike and warmer mornings!


Never for Ever said...

It's an octopus.

Earl J. Woods said...

One of the very first things I remember about moving to Alberta is our trip to the planetarium. It was July, 1979, a beautiful summer day, and the presentation was something about a hypothetical journey to Mars. I was mesmerized.